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American Stem Cell Institute is an educational portal whose purpose is to educate the public about advances in Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell treatments. These treatments are based on science and are backed by published medical literature and advanced medical specialist experiences from all over the country and the world. Knowledge is Power and we strive to educate ourself and the humanity at large to help eliminate/reduce their sufferage.

About Dr. Rehman

Our Chief Medical Consultant, Dr. Arkam Rehman is a Physician that worked & trained throughout his career with extra ordinary doctors and took that wisdom many steps further and went beyond the confines of traditional medicine. Part of his drive was his son Omer, who has significant Autism. In a drive to help him and understand and do more in his field and beyond, he looked beyond what traditional medicine offered, and what other possibilities existed for his son. That led his to go beyond what the mainstream medicine was offering and to see how he can make a difference, not only for his son, but for other people also. He has showed extra ordinary academic credentials throughout his career and he is double board certified by the American Board of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation with sub specialty Board Certification in Pain Medicine. He has consistently been called an extra-ordinary Physiatrist & Clinician.

Florida, Massachusetts, New York

  • New York State Institute for Basic Research with Dr. Inge Grundle Iqbal
  • Cook County Hospital Chicago, Internal Medicine PGY-1 Resident
  • Mount Sinai Medical Center New York, Neurology PGY-2 Resident
  • Rehabilitation Foundation Inc., Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital affiliated PM & R Residency
  • Chief Resident Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation for Marianjoy Hospital linked PM & R Residency
  • Hampshire Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, Northampton, MA
  • The Pain Center, Orange Park, FL
  • Orange Park Neurosurgery, Orange Park, FL
  • Sunshine Spine & Pain, PA, Jacksonville & Orange Park, FL
  • American Spine Center, Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai, UAE
  • Amna Inayat Medical College, Punjab, Pakistan
  • American Stem Cell Institute, USA

  • Chief Resident Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, 1998-99
  • Medical Lecturer at St. Vincent’s Medical Center to visiting Medical Students
  • Medical lecturer at Orange Park Medical Center Residency programs in Internal Medicine, Family Practice & Transitional year with core rotations in Pain-Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation offered at his clinic
  • Visiting Consultant & Lecturer at Amna Inayat Medical College, Pakistan
  • Visiting Consultant at American Spine Center, Dubai Healthcare City DHCC, Dubai, UAE

  • Rabbit IgG cross-reacts with Alzheimer neurofibrillary tangles. Arkam Rehman, Y. -C. Tung, Inge Grundke-Iqbal. Acta Neuropathologica, 1994, 443-449.
  • Rehman, A., Lewis, S., Lewis, B., Impact of Clostridium Difficile Colitis on Rehabilitation Inpatients. Poster presentation. Academy of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation annual assembly, 1996, Chicago, Illinois.
  • Lewis, S., Lewis, B., Rehman, A., Epidemiology of Clostridium Difficile Colitis in Rehabilitation inpatients. Poster presentation. Academy of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation annual assembly, 1996, Chicago, Illinois.
  • Rehman, A., Stambolis, V., Cross-over of skin hypersensitivity reactions between interferon Beta 1b & Alpha in the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis: A case presentation. Poster presentation. Academy of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation annual assembly, 1998, Seattle, Washington.
  • Rehman, A., Hudoba, P., Escobar, N. G., Elevated ammonia in brain injury rehabilitation: correlation with mental status and liver enzymes. Poster presentation. Academy of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation annual assembly, 1998, Seattle, Washington.

Dr. Rehman in his own words

Coming from a Physician Family background, natural healing by foods was ingrained in Dr. Rehman from the very beginning. He is a believer in natural healing and unlocking our bodies potential to heal itself naturally with foods and other less invasive means that make sense. American Stem Cell Institute is a culmination of current medical advances where we are unlocking our bodies abilities to heal itself naturally using modern medical advances thus giving us the best of both worlds.

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Regenerative medcine is minimally invasive option for joints, soft tissue injuries, hair loss, facial wrinkles and so much more. These in-office procedures can be life changing for majority of people and cost less than a typical surgical option with minimum pain and quicker recovery. 

UNLOCKING Your Body's abilities to heal using

Prolo Therapy
Platelet Rich Plasma
Platelet Lysate
Bone Marrow Stem Cells
Adipose Tissue Stem Cells
Other Regenerative Products

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